Packaging Sustainability
Stack Rite

Malnove's patented Stack-Rite Packaging Platform delivers sustainable supply chain improvements through:

    • Improved Stacking Strength
      Stacking strength is measurably improved with the triple wall corner structure of the Malnove Stack-Rite Carton Design.
    • Manufacturing Advantage
      Stack-Rite Cartons are 100% square.
    • Reduced Caliper
      Superior corner strength allows for paperboard caliper reduction in most carton constructions, without sacrificing product protection.

  • Improved System Costs
    Stack-Rite Carton Blanks are packed and shipped flat reducing carton manufacturing costs, inbound freight costs and inventory storage costs.
  • System Flexibility
    With a variety of equipment options, Malnove's Packaging Systems Group can design a packaging line configuration to meet specific customer volume and efficiency requirements.

Consider the companies who have enjoyed the benefits of Malnove’s Stack-Rite Technology: