Quality Systems and Continuous Improvement

At Malnove, our primary desire is to provide a unique customer-focused experience that consistently exceeds expectations. At the core of our approach is a fundamental belief that Quality Performance and Continuous Improvement are directly linked and our systems and structure support this approach. In an industry where quality can be just a word or catch-phrase, we strive to partner with our customers in a way that aligns your needs with our unique capabilities.

Alignment-Execution-Results... it's who we are and what we do.

Quality Systems...Process Focused

      • State of the art shop floor data collection systems
      • Associates measure and track key process variables that are aligned with customer needs
      • Robust procedures that ensure consistency
      • Routine, structured data analysis to monitor process trends
      • Built on ISO 9001-2015 standards

    Food Safety System Certifications 22000

          • Malnove Clearfield, Utah FSSC Certification Completed January 2013
          • Malnove Omaha, Nebraska FSSC Certification Completed February 2013
          • Malnove Jacksonville, Florida FSSC Certification Completed January 2013

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Continuous Improvement

    At Malnove, we believe Continuous Improvement is a choice to get better every day. Our approach is simple...

      • We listen... to our Customers and to our Associates
      • We continuously explore opportunities for improvement
      • We invest in building capability in proven improvement methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma tools
      • We make "Getting Better" a priority

    Value Add Service

    At Malnove, we desire to Partner with you in a way that adds value. Collaboration is the key to lasting success and we are prepared to engage you in Joint Continuous Improvement efforts that secure success.

    Quality Policy

    • Aim to consistently exceed our customer's expectations.
    • Empower our people to accept responsibility for daily challenges. They are our most valuable asset.
    • Focus on the process, not the results alone.
    • Position our Corporate Quality Manager as a direct report to our CEO.
    • Support Transparent Quality Direction/Systems in all plants.
    • Require individual Plant Quality Teams Focus on Process Audits / Variables Control
    • Focus our operating personnel on Variables Testing / Process & Product Control and Quality Management Database
    • Input and monitor each process on Windows-based PC.
    • Perform checks, input variable data.
    • Provide excellent traceability.
    • Maintain a strong "Quality Action Reporting" process.
    • Maintain control charts in real time.
    • Establish standard operating procedures, keep them current and place them at each work center.
    • Adhere to ISO 9001 standards.