Intelligent Design Case Study

Intelligent Design Case Study

Purex Revised Cs

Customer: Henkel


Product: Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets


Industry Issue: Improve Sustainability While Maintaining Brand Design Elements in an "Intelligent Design"




Purex needed to reduce their packaging



"Malnove consulted with Henkel and the Purex Brand Team to determine the best design to replace an injection molded polypropylene package. In the process, a ground breaking, unique package shape was developed in a renewable paperboard-based solution. The project included development of (2) Malnove designed high speed lines which delivered a 50% improvement in productivity".

Benefit :


  • Less expensive to ship through a significant improvement in inbound and outbound cube utilization
  • Improved retail shelf presence for a newly established product category
  • Sustainable and renewable paperboard based packaging materials replaced non-renewable polypropylene materials
  • Consumer ease-of-use was improved with an integrated "flip-top" product dispensing feature