Speed to Market Case Study

Speed to Market Case Study

Lipton Tea

Customer: Unilever


Product: Lipton Tea and Honey Packs


Industry Issue:

There is a growing trend across the country that has companies moving towards smarter (or intelligent) Packaging. When Unilever was looking to introduce their new line of Tea & Honey Instant Tea Stick Packs, they came to Malnove for a new design, and identified several key needs including:




Unilever needed a better option to replace injection molded to package design for a better product-to-package ratio. Also it had to be Retail Shelf Ready for convenience while meeting stocking guidelines.



A collaboration Team was established with key stakeholders from Unilever, Malnove and the selected co-manufacturing partrner. With close interaction between our Packaging Systems Group and Co-Packaging Engineering, Malnove was able to develop a uniquely shaped package that not only meets retail stocking requirements, but uses a 100% paperboard package design that is renewable and recyclable. Plus, the product-to-package ratio improved by 50% when compared to competing offerings across the category.



  • Environmental Improvements that Enhance the Package while Reducing Supply Chain Costs
  • Enhanced the Consumer's Experience from initial Purchase through Use, Storage and Ease-of-Recycling
  • Easy-to-Implement Designs Using Existing Assets with Minimal Operational Impact Supporting a Rapid "Speed-to-Market" Launch